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Be Here Farm + Nature Summer Solstice Serum

Be Here Farm + Nature Summer Solstice Serum

Be Here Farm + Nature Summer Solstice Serum

Summer Solstice Serum," is inspired by the ancient ritual of foraging in the wild for St. John's Wort (a wildflower that only appears during a two-week window on either side of the Summer Solstice). Our ancestors would collect these tiny blooms and infuse them in oil to prepare a bright red potion considered to have the magical ability of warding off evil spirits (and is today used by many to counteract wintertime seasonal affective disorder). Rituals and festivals in honor of St. John’s Wort and its resultant elixirs are still celebrated today—including by us, with the creation of the Summer Solstice Serum.Antioxidant-rich Biodynamic Olive Oil, Calendula & Wild St. John’s Wort
Anti-inflammatory properties From German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile + Wild Yellow Dock

Tulsi, Proven To protect and detoxify from free radical damage, industrial pollutants, radiation, pesticides + other toxicants 

Gotu Kola, proven to significantly improve skin hydration, firmness + elasticity. Effectively treats prematurely aging skin & promotes tissue repair, collagen synthesis + strengthening of newly-formed skin

Multi-correctional, cleansing, revitalizing, soothing + nourishing

Made for all skin.


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