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Big Sleep CBD Drops

Big Sleep CBD Drops

Big Sleep CBD Drops

A super strong blend of CBD and CBN in a COCONUT OIL BASE, combined with calming adaptogenic herbs to help you catch those elusive Zzzs!   *This is one single product, not 2!

Take 30 minutes before sleep to quiet the mind, and prepare the body for repose. Best if taken directly in the mouth.

Non-groggy, non-habit forming, and safe for nightly use. Goodnight, wake bright!

*MCT Coconut Oil, *Kava Kava Root, *Passionflower, *Skullcap, *Oatstraw, *Blue Vervain, *California Poppy, *Holy Basil, Snapdragon Spirit Essence, White Chestnut Spirit Essence, Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD and CBN.


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