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2 caps a day keep the stress away.

SuperYou® is your daily defense to help reduce the effects of stress to improve energy, mood, and focus.* Our clinical strength formula helps reduce cortisol by 24% for proactive and reactive stress support.* Four potent adaptogens traditionally used in Ayurveda and TCM help alleviate the emotional, mental, hormonal, and physical manifestations of stress.*

When the stress response activates, all four adaptogens help regulate cortisol. Then Ashwagandha comes in to help the body cope with stress and reduce irritability.* As stress continues, energy gets depleted. Rhodiola in SuperYou® is traditionally used to reduce fatigue and increase alertness.* Prolonged periods of stress can impact hormones and skin. Shatavari is traditionally used for healthy hormonal balance, while Amla helps protect skin from oxidative stress.*

Clinically shown to help:

  • + reduce physical, mental and emotional fatigue*
  • + reduce cortisol by 24%
  • + boost energy and mood*
  • + enhance focus and mental stamina*
  • + protect from oxidative stress*
  • + control stress-related weight gain*


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