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Poetic Pits Petal

Poetic Pits Petal

Poetic Pits Petal

Flower-fresh power graces your pits with this poetic bouquet you can use everyday. Living Libations Petal Poetic Pits is formulated with demure, delectable essential oils of Sandalwood, Lavender, Ylang and Chamomile. Each petal essence quivers in perfect balance, creating a poignant poem-garden of nourishing underarm charm.

Powered by petals, instead of parabens and aluminum metals, this effective natural deodorant will have you waxing poetic as you emit a blessing of blossoms from your pits.

Pure organic essential oils of Sandalwood swirled with Chamomile, Ylang & Grapefruit.

Sandalwood -Scrumptious sandalwood is a heaven-scented charm for your underarms! Sandalwood oil has been used as a fragrant deodorant in India for thousands of years.

Lavender -Lovely lavender oil is calming and soothing to easily irritated underarms. It is a wonderful antibacterial agent said to kill bacteria that cause underarm odor instead of simply masking the smell like commercial deodorants. An infamous nervine tonic, lavender lends our Poetic Pits a Petal-Poem of relaxed calm, decreased anxiety, and freedom from fear.

Ylang Ylang -The delicate fragrance of this uplifting oil makes it the prettiest petal in our poetic blend. Ylang Ylang is an aphrodisiac and antiseptic, opening the heart to love as it protects delicate underarms. Ylang oil is also said to lower blood pressure, relax frazzled nerves, and serve as a natural antiperspirant.

Chamomile -Nourishing, and incredibly calming, our chamomile petal rounds out our beautiful bouquet with its powers of protection. Chamomile is said to stave off bacteria and fungus from susceptible underarm areas while soothing inflammation due to shaving or waxing.


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