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Damiana: Calming flower infused lollipop. Enjoy the slow release of aromatic and floral flavors in these damiana sweet treats. Have one anytime, or before you slip into the sheets.

*Sugar, *Tapioca Syrup, *Damiana, *Rose, Organic Passionflower, *Lavender, *Chamomile, *Powdered sugar


Matcha: Lick Slowly and enjoy a slow release of energizing matcha. Have one anytime. 

*Sugar, *Tapioca Syrup, *Matcha, *Powdered Sugar. 

Contains Caffeine


Kava Kava: Lick slowly and enjoy a slow release of  tongue tingling herbal flavors. Have one anytime to relax or before bed for good zzz's. 

*Sugar, *Tapioca Syrup, *Kava Kava (noble variety), *Passionflower, *Chamomile, *Lavender, *Orange Peel, *Powdered Sugar


Mushroom: Lick slow and enjoy a slow release of chocolate mushrooms and warming spices. 

*Sugar, *Tapioca Syrup, *Lion's Mane, *Reishi, *Cacao, *Cinnamon, *Vanilla, *Powdered Sugar 


* Certified Organic


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