Women Owned Wednesdays

Posted by Gina Holmberg on 4th Mar 2020

Women Owned Wednesdays

The women supporting women movement has felt ingenuine--a hashtag of convienence. We seem to be driven by a culture of extreme comparison and competitiveness. I could not agree more with Gregg Renfrew when she said:

"What I have found to be true, is many of the most powerful women are not really 'pro-women' women. You have to find the ones that genuinely want to support you and your effort to change the world."

My opinion is that women are hungry for genuine connection with other women, but fear keeps us from it. Fear we willl not be accepted; fear we do not have it all together; fear that we are not enough; and fear that maybe, if we admit any of this, we might be perceived as weak or that it will be used against us.

That's why I'm starting WOW, or Women Owned Wednesdays, a series of blogs about the arsenal of powerful women in my life, along with women that I have met through the store, both vendors and customers. Not just powerful business women, but powerful mothers, activists, artists, partners, wives, daughters or any combination of the above.

I want to share that women can be powerful and vulnerable, protective yet open. I want to be a woman that passionately supports women. These blogs are the lessons I have learned from women who own their identity.