WOW feature Alexia Wambua

Posted by Gina Holmberg on 17th Jun 2020

WOW feature Alexia Wambua

This is part of a series titled WOW, or Women Owned Wednesdays. Read more about the series and my goal to genuinely support other women in my personal and professional relationships.

Alexia Wambua

Alexia the founder of Native Atlas, an incredible brand of clean skin care that our clients cannot get enough of. Alexia is also an esthetician, and I meant it when I say she has healing hands. Her facials and treatments are an extension of who she is: warm, caring, rejuvenating and healing. Alexia knows how powerful botanicals are, and she selects the very best for her treatments and her line. Alexia is also a wife and a mother to two, precious little boys. I am thrilled she let us in to her behind the scenes. Enjoy getting to know her—she is a true gem.

The state of our world is one of extreme sadness mixed with some slivers of hope. How are you currently doing?

I'm deeply saddened by the horrific acts of hatred, violence and police brutality towards black people. Innocent people are dying for no reason and there is little-to-no accountability for it. I'm hopeful that people are listening. I am married to a black man and we have two mixed baby boys---this is very close to our hearts.

What anchors you during times of stress?

My anchor is my family and God. I look at my husband and my little boys, and it is a constant source of strength for me to carry on.

Do you have any wellness practices that are non-negotiable?

Finding time to be alone, meditate and pray is something I seek for daily. It doesn't always look the same. Sometimes it's in my car when days are busy...most of the time I lock myself in the bathroom. But I feel so renewed and energized when I stop to pray, take deep breaths, and feel the pause, if you will.

You and I talk regularly about the power of nutrition—would you share how you have witnessed this with your son?

My youngest son, Priest, in the last year recovered from a life altering seizure condition. He used to have horrible eczema, and would develop itchy hives and welts regularly. During some of his time with seizures he would be off and on steroids, so we never had a clear, consistent picture of his skin. We felt so confused and hopeless. One day we landed in the ER from anaphylaxis, and had to run some allergy testing. Once we discovered the foods he was either allergic to or sensitive to we put him on an elimination diet right away. Within two weeks his skin was almost crystal clear. It was an incredible turn around and I realized the connection of the food and his skin flare ups. We are still on the journey, and are now focused on healing his body and reducing any stressors. I'm super interested in learning more about flower remedies!

You’re an incredible esthetician—what connections to you see often when it comes to skin and nutrition?

Oh my gosh...thank you. I love helping people feel better. One of the most common things I see is acne in adults. They are wanting a quick fix or looking for solutions within a product because that's what we've been taught is the answer. I always ask questions about diet, and often suggest eliminating things to see if there is a change. Products help heal the skin and create a balance, while the body internally is clearing out what was triggering the flare ups. I don't always have the answers for the internal battles, I defer to the experts on that, but it is a big part of the conversation in hopes that people make the connection.

Your line, Native Atlas is a big hit at the shop. How did you know you wanted to start a skincare line?

I'm honored to be there--truly! I've been doing facials for 16 years and there was a time when access to clean beauty products was a challenge. If I needed something and I couldn't find it then I would figure out how to make it. Clients started asking if they could buy whatever I was using in my treatments. Things naturally evolved from there. I love fruit acids, and have always offered peels. This past year was all about fruit acids and incorporating those into peoples at home regimes. Clean beauty has evolved so much and there are so many options out there. I love being a part of the revolution of the beauty industry.

What is your favorite product in the line?

The Misuli is the most special product because it was a collaboration with my husband who is a personal trainer, but I have a hard time without the Cleansing oil or Rewind Tonic. They are staples in my routine.

You are a micro current magician. I cannot say enough about the benefits and differences it has made in my skin. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Microcurrent is truly magical. The electrical current simulates your body's natural current, but it is much stronger. It helps to create the energy your cells need as-well-as stimulating blood flow. You see immediate inflammation decreasing, collagen and elastin is being stimulated, there is a tightening effect and lines begin to smooth out. You can definitely see results in one treatment, but I always recommend a series to jump start the skin. It is also used as a healing modality for the body and the results with injury recovery are really amazing.

What is your own skin care routine?

I cleanse every night, I alternate the Rewind Tonic or the Toning Mist, a serum and the Living Beauty Oil. I love cupping, gua sha and Microcurrent. I alternate the three throughout the week, and take a night off here and there. I love masking once a week whenever I can fit it in...seeing my puffy skin tighten up. In the morning I splash water on my face and towel dry it because it just makes me feel awake. I cover my face and chest with a toning mist, serum and SPF. I don't obsess over my skin. I keep things simple, clean and active!

Is there a food, herb or supplement that you feel is beneficial for skin?

I love raspberries. We eat organic raspberries pretty much everyday. They are really high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They are great brainfood and free radical scavengers. I love giving them to my boys for breakfast. I use it in my Mimea Cleansing Oil and you will definitely see more of it.

Why are you so passionate about clean beauty?

After learning about the dangers of chemicals in our personal care products and the connection to health related issues I could not turn back. I wanted to make a difference by offering clients safe alternatives and show them that plants are powerful.