WOW featuring Emily Emke-Hays

Posted by Gina Homberg on 25th Mar 2020

WOW featuring Emily Emke-Hays

This is part of a series titled WOW, or Women Owned Wednesdays. Read more about the series and my goal to genuinely support other women in my personal and professional relationships.

Emily Emke-Hays

To know Emily Emke Hays is to love Emily Emke Hays. I know her and I love her. Our paths first crossed when I was freelancing for NARS. Our instant connection morphed into one of my dearest friendships. Emily wears many hats: she is extremely creative and has such vision. She also wears her heart on her sleeve. When she says she’s there for you, she is there for you. Not only is Emily’s heart part of Welwythn, she is also the founder of Pearl and Palm, which has a home inside the shop. Her items are a true reflection of who she is: authentic, beautiful, and you will want to keep them forever. The countless texts, emails, or in person feedback raving about Emily reflects how much you’ll enjoy getting to know her as much as I have.

Life is not “business as usual.” How are you coping during this crisis?

Definitely something I’m working on day to day. Each morning I make myself a schedule to keep me productive. it’s pretty fluid + that’s ok! Keeping perspective + touching base with my people. Also music + movement!

Have you learned anything new about yourself during this time?

I am a routine person for sure! I like to feel like I’m in control + not a huge fan of the unknown. So breathing + letting go because c’est la vie!

Are you incorporating any new wellness modalities right now?

Making a lot more time for movement—even if it’s just 20 minutes of stretching or dancing to favorite playlists + keeping up with supplements, homemade ginger tonic + our zizia tinctures.

What are a few things you are looking forward to after this calms down?

Health and happiness + a sense of normalcy for us all. Time with family + friends! Hugs all around. Sharing a meal + some drinks. Sunset cruises on the lake + hopefully a beach!

I had the honor of doing your makeup for your wedding! How did you know Grant was “the one”?

I love, love that you were such a part of our day. He and I started dating when we were 24...babies! I think it was just different than anything either of us had been in before. It has always been about growth together and in ourselves--that has always been celebrated in our relationship. Putting in the work to continually evolve into the better versions of ourselves as people + as partners, and always steering the ship with love + commitment.

Something that I love so much about you is your love for your family. How are you staying connected during this time?

Lots of calls + facetime! Staying connected through all the modes. i’m a big caller, so they’re pretty used to me being in touch all of the time.

Tell us all about Pearl and Palm!

Yes! It has been a dream of mine for a while. it’s evolved organically + I’m learning everyday. I started with a desire to create something that felt authentically me—a brand focusing on independent designers + sustainable practices. A medley of art + fashion with a side of travel. Modern, upbeat + a little weird. It’s definitely an adventure + it holds a big piece of my heart. It’s my baby ♥️

Where do you go for inspiration?

All over the place! My friends, instagram, travel, art + music. It’s literally everywhere.

Favorite form of exercise?

I have to switch it up! I can’t do one thing every day. I love walks with Grant + Rex. I love to dance! Yoga or pilates in our living room, or paddle boarding at our lake house in the summer. Yesterday I busted out Jane Fonda’s workout video (thanks @tyhaney)—80’s throwback. I’m actually sore today.

Favorite way to stay hydrated?

I do love my grapefruit waterloos. but any water with citrus will do!

What’s your skin care routine?

I double cleanse with Pai Rosehip cleansing oil at night, followed by Native Atlas’ Zahara Rewind tonic. Then a collection of Marie Veronique’s serums—Gentle Retinol, Soothing B3 + Barrier Restore. I moisturize with La Creme’s bee venom cream or beauty boost depending on what shape my skin is in. In the morning I splash water on my face and tone with Agent Nateur’s Hylauronic, Pearl + Rose toner. Then Marie’s vitamin c, e + ferulic, soothing B3 + barrier restore. Last, I moisturize with either La Creme. I always carry Josh Rosebrook’s hydrating accelerator to spritz throughout the day, and love to do his active enzyme exfoliator mask twice a week!

Are you wearing any makeup during the “shut in”?

Mostly no, but there have been a couple of days that it made me feel a little bit more sane to do my routine.

Currently reading?

Daisy Jones + The Six.

Currently watching?

Tiger King on Netflix—it’s wild!

Favorite podcasts?

Currently this is Love, Blood Ties + The Dream. Also This American Life...always.

Share an easy recipe (can be a tonic, smoothie, anything!)

We’ve been making Alison Roman’s spiced chickpea stew with coconut milk + turmeric on repeat for awhile now.

What are your five, favorite instagram accounts?