WOW Holiday Guide Issue 3

Posted by Gina Holmberg on 18th Nov 2020

WOW Holiday Guide Issue 3

I've had several conversations with people who are approaching the holidays differently this year, and a common desire was to only shop locally for holiday gifts. As a small business owner, this makes me warm and fuzzy. As a consumer, this motivated and inspired me to practice what I preach by extending Women owned Wednesdays to promote local small businesses owned by women! Every Wednesday will have multiple, women-owned businesses that you can learn about and support, and in the holiday spirit of giving we’ll have some epic giveaways for you!

Cherokee Taylor
Cherokee Town :

I turned my experience in functional medicine and gut health into a subscription plan where customers get monthly step-by-step recipe videos to teach them how to cook foods that are anti-inflammatory and good for their gut. Along with an easy-to-follow grocery list with tips and tricks to switch out unhealthy products in their pantry to better quality ingredients. It gives women confidence in the kitchen to have a healthy lifestyle through nutrition one plate at a time. I even offer in-home food prep saving them time, money, and energy.

Favorite Holiday Meal
My favorite Holiday tradition is making creations using seasonal veggies for my husband and friends to try. I love showing people how healthy foods can be even more delicious than all the empty carbs and sugars.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
Feeding my gut lots of fermented foods, kimchi, homemade kefir, etc. to strengthen the lining of my gut. I also make my favorite desserts and comfort foods with natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, even monk fruit (a sugar free option). That along with grain-free flours helps my gut flourish and helps combat the seasonal flu or that sluggish feeling during the winter months.

Robin Krause, NTP
Billie's Grocery, Unbakery and Juicery, apothe wellness

All businesses integrate some sort of wellness. We focus on food and bringing people together. Unbakery is located in East Brookside and Billie's in the Midtown Union Hill area. Focused on mostly organic and nutrient dense foods our menu has something to offer the entire family. As a nutritional therapist practitioner I believe health is north to south. We need to be in a parasympathetic state to accept what we put into our bodies. This includes environmental, social and media. Bringing people together and giving them a quality meal in a clean, light, simple environment helps with this.

Favorite Local Holiday Fun
I love KC during the holidays for the lighting ceremonies around town I've been attending since childhood. The local makers' pop ups have exploded and makes it easy to keep money local and in the right creative area. I enjoy the holidays and not over enjoy them. Moderation helps keep me healthy. I drink bone broth and soups to get the fiber and nutrients I need without overloading my body with junk. Apothe has tinctures, and herbal teas to aid in anything my body may need. Balancing stress, digestion and adrenals are very important. In the last year this has been a challenge with opening a full restaurant and I thank God I have the right tools to help myself and those around me. I am in tune and listen to my body (most of the time) and give it what it needs: nutritional and herbal.

La Ronda La Ner
We Got it Covered Catering :

A food service business that provides catering, meal prep, and corporate dining services in the Kansas City metro area. We help employers keep their employees energized throughout the day! All you need is an on-site kitchen and We Got It Covered! We specialize in catering for corporate accounts and private events including holiday parties, staff lunches, birthday parties, anniversary parties, weddings, and more!

Favorite Holiday Meal
My favorite holiday meal includes dressing, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, and cabbage. It always brings back nostalgic memories for me, which we know are the best memories!

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
During the holidays it is easy to lose sight of your goals, so I am sure to stay firm on my diet and workout regime. I am now pescatarian, and I workout two to four times per week (dependent upon how much free time I have). I also incorporate Mullein leaf (a natural plant native to Asia and Northern Africa) with fresh Squeezed lemons into my diet. It helps keep my immune system strong which prevents me and my family from getting sick.

Joni Alexander
Alchemy Coffee & Bake House :

As a kitchen/bakery in Lawrence, KS, I focus on a small, high-quality ingredient list where spices equal flavor rather than sugar or salt. I believe every recipe can be a little better, every technique can be perfected just a touch more. This allows my kitchen to be alive, always offering new and familiar plates and desserts with little twists here and there. I am a self taught chef and attribute much of my success in the kitchen and life to being a research hound and a perfectionist. All the recipes at Alchemy are my own...some recipes I have been perfecting for 20 years! The coffee house distributes award winning Cold Brew & Nitro Coffee throughout Lawrence and Kansas City in upwards of 85 locations.

Favorite Holiday Memory
Thanksgiving with friends in my early 20’ was so full of life, music, wine, and so much good food and laughter. I still love Friendsgiving, and host yearly when I can! More recently, any holiday with my children. It is rewarding to make their little eyes light up with wonder and excitement during the holidays as they find little gifts.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
I actually sleep after I finish the huge race of the shops! Sleep, water, lots of hot showers/baths, laughing and playing with my family and friends, and doing anything outdoors! Biking, hiking, and boating are some of my most favorite pastimes.

Jo Marie Scaglia
Caffetteria :

Caffetteria is an upscale casual restaurant located in The Shops of Prairie Village. We are 100% made from scratch restaurant sourcing high quality ingredients, local ingredients when possible and health minded recipes. Caffetteria offers indoor dining, patio dining, curbside pickup and delivery. We also have a marketplace with heat & serve meals, soups, salads, wraps, dips, sauces, salad dressings, desserts and cocktails. We have a grocery division available on our website as well. Caffetteria is almost 3 years old and The Mixx (two locations-Plaza & Overland Park) turns 15 years old this year.

Favorite Holiday Memory
My favorite Holiday memories are Christmas morning with my family. I also loved helping my mom cook thanksgiving cranberries and leftover turkey sandwiches on white bread with mayo the day after thanksgiving. Now I love christmas morning with my daughter Star, and our dogs.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
My life balance is not so balanced, but I try to spend time with family and friends to keep myself sane. I also treat myself to delicious meals and rejuvenate in the holiday season.

Leslie Newsam
The Antler Room :

A restaurant with smaller menus more focused on quality of product and technique rather than quantity on the plate. Working throughout kitchens in New York, San Francisco and Denmark and enamored by the dining scene in California, we found ourselves constantly gravitating toward appetizer sections of menus that seemed to be more vegetable or seafood forward to be able to enjoy multiple dishes rather than getting palate fatigue from larger entrees. We also wanted to explore how to incorporate menu items that used flavors from herbs and spices rather than salt, fat and sugar. We loved feeling satisfied rather than full and uncomfortable after leaving a restaurant. To honor The Antler Lounge that was a swingers club in the West Bottoms, we decided on a food and beverage menu that was wild and free of any outside influences. The items on our menus are all items that Nick and I love.

Favorite Holiday Memory
Because I come from a family with multiple divorces, we spend a lot of time splitting our time amongst them. The holidays are actually super stressful for us with being busier at the restaurant as well as family obligations, but it gives us a great excuse to see our family when we do not normally get enough time. Nick’s mom makes this breakfast casserole that is one of my favorite things, but our very favorite holiday was when we lived in San Francisco. Nick got gifted a tin of caviar and two bottles of champagne from the restaurant where he worked. We watched Home Alone, ate caviar with poached eggs and English muffins and drank champagne and stayed in our pajamas all day.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
To stay well during the holidays, I usually take many more vitamins and try to get to bed much earlier than I normally would. I also try to drink and eat less or just eat more of a balanced diet to maintain stamina. I love hot tea in the colder months, so I have several wellness teas that I love to sip on during work. I am very bad about drinking water while I am working, so the tea reminds me to stay hydrated because I don't like to drink it if it has gotten cold.

Kate Barker

Zen Donkey Farms :

A KC-based health and wellness company that specializes in raw, organic, cold-pressed juices, with easy online ordering and home or business delivery. We have an exciting lineup of products coming to our website soon, including dairy-free hemp mylks, raw plant-based protein staples, and clean cruelty free skincare basics! ZDF products have a special purpose, as each purchase supports donkey rescue and donkey-facilitated wellness for people in need through our sister nonprofit Zen Donkey Experience (ZDx).

Favorite Holiday Movie
Home Alone, hands down

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
I'm fortunate to live a clean lifestyle filled with vibrant plant-based whole foods, nutrient-dense juice, and daily physical movement, among other important daily rituals that fluctuate with the seasons. A daily commitment to my health allows me to keep balance through the holidays without many unhealthy cravings or feelings of deprivation...except when it comes to chocolate...give me ALL the chocolate. I also spend as much time outdoors as possible! As a parent to 5 rescued donkeys, 2 horses, and a cat, my barn babies keep me working outside through the holidays, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Becca Spears
Scout and Cellar :

We work with organic and biodynamic growers around the world to source grapes and craft wine that is free of synthetic pesticides, additives, and added sugars. Our wines are also fermented to dryness, meaning they are virtually free of even the natural sugars from grapes. We deliver wine directly to your door that is better for your body and better for our planet.

Favorite Holiday Memory
My favorite holiday memory is coming down the stairs in our pajamas on Christmas morning to a living room full of lit candles and the glow of the Christmas tree, with gifts spilling out from under it. Surprise magic!

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
To stay well, I say yes to sleep, yes to regular exercise, and yes to yummy wholesome food.