WOW Holiday Guide Issue 6

Posted by Gina Holmberg on 10th Dec 2020

WOW Holiday Guide Issue 6

I've had several conversations with people who are approaching the holidays differently this year, and a common desire was to only shop locally for holiday gifts. As a small business owner, this makes me warm and fuzzy. As a consumer, this motivated and inspired me to practice what I preach by extending Women owned Wednesdays to promote local small businesses owned by women! Every Wednesday will have multiple, women-owned businesses that you can learn about and support, and in the holiday spirit of giving we’ll have some epic giveaways for you!

Sarah-Allen Preston
Afloat :

A social app that makes it simple to be selfless! We are connecting communities to each other and businesses that they love, bringing everyone together to support and celebrate each other through giving!

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
I give back! Now I use afloat to easily send gifts to friends and people that I’m connected to, as well as find opportunities in the community to give back. Sometimes it’s helping out a friend, sometimes it’s joining in a diaper drive.. there’s always someone to help out, and it feels good to give! Giving and staying connected is not only good for the people you help, it’s good for your mental state, and there are physical benefits as well. It’s a full circle where everyone feels good!

Emily Reinhardt
The Object Enthusiast :

Handmade ceramic objects - everything from cups and mugs to trays and tiles - things that feel good in your hands and make your daily rituals a little more enjoyable.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
Taking long walks with my dog, no matter how cold it might be, is the best way I know to stay well this time of year. Ruby loves it, I love it, and I always feel better after a walk.

Christine Clutton
The Wild Way Coffee :

We are a mobile coffee camper that serves craft coffee to the good people of Kansas City! We travel all around the KC metro, have a homebase in the East Crossroads, and will show up to any party where fun is being had and caffeine is in need!

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
Let myself sleep in and forget my responsibilities for a few days, make a cup of tea with collagen, spend intentional time with loved ones, and enjoy one too many sweets.

Megan Adams
Fire Brand Collective :

An inclusive, female-focused community and coworking space in the West Bottoms. We are committed to supporting the meaningful work of our members, fostering a community of growth and making space for the conversations that matter.

Favorite Holiday Tradition
Every year we build a gingerbread village with our kids - each person builds their own house - and it is growing. This year my parents are joining in in the fun!

Martay :

A singer-songwriter originally from California. I write and record music to bring people peace, joy and love.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
Being diligent to exercise, taking my vitamins, drinking water and getting that extra dose of rest my body often needs.

Andrea Davis
Ear Clay :

A polymer clay earring company that I started in March of 2020. It was birthed out of my love of jewelry and accessorizing. I also love being creative and wanted to be able to share my love of creativity and art with others!

Favorite Holiday Movie
The Preacher's Wife. I am a huge Whitney Houston fan (how can you not be), and I can relate to the movie with me growing up in the church, having a love for singing and being a part of the Christmas service every year.

Krystal Leitner
Buffalo Mane :

A boutique hair community of barbers and stylists. With two barbershop locations and one salon between downtown Kansas City and Lenexa.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
Staying well this season by increasing our water, our movement and our positive talk to each other! I keep telling my kiddos to stay positive and to speak positivity to others!

Taylor Triano
Comonwild :

I am a fiber artist who does a lot! I make and sell a line of bandanas. I also make flags, wall hangings and visual art. Lots of custom pieces and commissions for people from all walks of life and other businesses. I'm always at the sewing machine.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
Um, I don't! I work myself into burnout all November and December and then hide under covers all January. I don't recommend it; however, I'm a runner, and I run as much as I can (until the weather is just way too cold) both for my physical health and my mental health.

Theresa Goodman
Harvest Moon Botanica :

Harvest Moon Botanica creates access to space for women of color artisans. It creates new opportunities and facilitates a place for BIWOC to meet with their customers, provide their services and vend their products outside of their homes. Harvest Moon Botanica is also a community listening space meaning that in addition to purchasing self-care items, customers experiencing trauma or struggling with mental health can speak with any member of the collective and receive peer support as well as information about community resources to empower them to take care of themselves.

Favorite Holiday Local Traditions
What we love about Kansas City during the holidays is the generosity that the city offers. The love and support we receive from our city especially during the holidays is unmatched.

Julia Doughty
Julia Eden :

Julia Eden was born out of a love for fashion, a necessity to create and my belief that a good accessory can transform any outfit. Simple, chic and anything but basic--our growing collection is thoughtfully designed and made in Kansas City.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
Wellness of soul has become a huge priority in this season and my friendships and faith have been such a big part of helping me stay healthy in this area. Praying regularly with friends, getting outside and eating well are important to me and our family as a whole, so we continue to keep them at the top of the list during the holiday season.

Jennifer Lapka
Rightfully Sewn :

Rightfully Sewn creates jobs and opportunity through the business of fashion with a seamstress training program, public sewing and fashion design classes, and small batch production services. We just turned five years old and are located in the beautiful Crossroads Arts District.

Favorite Holiday Tradition
I love cooking...every step of it...from reviewing and selecting recipes I know our guests will enjoy, to sipping wine and chopping vegetables, to sitting down and hearing what those nearest and dearest to us have been thinking and doing. My 40th birthday was on September 9. I love growing older because as time moves swiftly by, the more I understand how important and meaningful these personal interactions are.

Ashley & Beth
Peyton Park Design :

What started out as a creative outlet during our time at home during quarantine this year has turned into Peyton Park Design that makes hand beaded bracelets (and mask chains soon thereafter).

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
Beth: It’s a little easier this year without all the gatherings. :) I try and stay well by remaining active, eating healthy and getting plenty of rest but I always make time for a glass of wine to celebrate the holidays with friends and family! Ashley: As much as I love festive parties and social events, I have always needed to recharge a little extra during the holidays. An equal balance of rest, healthy meals, and cocktails at home are on the agenda this year.

Abby Flores
COCO, Lady Bye and KATE

I own three women's boutiques in Kansas City - COCO and Lady Bye in Brookside and KATE down in River Market. The shops are very much like most sisters--each has its own personality, but on occasion, they definitely borrow from each others' closets. We want to help every person who walks in our doors to feel so beautiful! The shops all offer sizes XS-3X. Whether your style is East Coast classic, West Coast casual or somewhere in between, we have something for you!

Favorite Holiday Local Tradition
Singing Silent Night by candlelight in my Grandmother's church on Christmas Eve.

Kaley Kocinski
Kaley from Kansas :

I am a documentary wedding and family photographer based in Kansas City. I also shoot a lot of editorial and portrait photography, which I am equally as passionate about. A storyteller at heart, I focus on human connection and light. I have been shooting for eight years, primarily shooting destination weddings, elopements and couples worldwide.

Favorite Holiday Meal
My favorite holiday meal would have to be anything involving pasta or homemade soup--love a good curry when it’s cold. Oh, and let’s not forget about puppy chow!

Sarah Veak
Veak Ceramics :

A one woman show working out of my home studio in Overland Park, Kansas. I create functional, wheel thrown work. My love for food and hosting has strongly influenced my work for over a decade. I strive to create wares that are humble enough for Monday morning coffee and yet stand out on Saturday nights dinner table with friends.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
Staying well is so hard when you work for yourself during this season. I have recently begun regular Reiki sessions and practicing the Buteyko breathing technique. Every morning before coffee I take a turmeric wellness shot and if you can believe it I nearly always get 7-8 hours of sleep a night even in my 60 hour holiday work weeks (and I get out into the sun as often as possible)!