WOW Holiday Guide Issue 7

Posted by Gina Holmberg on 16th Dec 2020

WOW Holiday Guide Issue 7

I've had several conversations with people who are approaching the holidays differently this year, and a common desire was to only shop locally for holiday gifts. As a small business owner, this makes me warm and fuzzy. As a consumer, this motivated and inspired me to practice what I preach by extending Women owned Wednesdays to promote local small businesses owned by women! Every Wednesday will have multiple, women-owned businesses that you can learn about and support, and in the holiday spirit of giving we’ll have some epic giveaways for you!

Brooklynn Love
Black Honey Candle Co. :

An eco-friendly candle company focused on soothing the woes of the work day, while addressing the importance of the at home environment. Powered by love, creativity, passion, and an ADHD busy body; each candle is hand poured and made out of coconut soy wax. For 2021, the catalog will grow to home and body products. Candles and handmade organic body oils too! Each product contains no harmful chemicals, parabens, and sulfates.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
Well, this year has been difficult given the worldly circumstances. However, the weather was nice enough to take a walk with my dog. My dog is nine, and loves every min of me staying with her getting extra cuddles in. So when I'm not pouring candles, I try to get out and walk as much as I can. I've also started reading a lot more. It helps to escape reality sometimes.

Kate Fisher
Clove :

A botanically based skin care studio, located in Brookside. Owner and esthetician, Kate Fisher, has been working holistically since 2002.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
I try to take a walk each day to get some vitamin d and fresh air. I prioritize sleep and try to get 8-10 hours a night. We also love to eat healthy at home and I make sure I have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet.

Lindsey Pryor
KC Collected :

I’m a realtor for Hills Real Estate, who is in love with KC and has a passion for connecting people to the homes, neighborhoods and communities that are just right for them. I started KC Collected to support my favorite local businesses and to help clients (and friends) get a feel for all that KC has to offer.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
I am insanely busy at Christmastime because I have a band called, "The Snow Globes." December is filled with performances almost every night of the week, and though I sometimes wish I could slow down...I can't. As crazy as it is, it's also my sanity. I'm grateful for the whirlwind of creativity that happens in December, knowing that life goes back to "normal" in January.

Morgan and Carrie
Ampersand Design Studio :

A wildly fun Kansas City-based art and design partnership whose signature bold and unexpected patterns have appeared on products ranging from stationery and home décor to fashion and textiles for clients such as Crate&Kids, Target, Minted, Chasing Paper and West Elm. Carrie & Morgan’s combined style is artful, modern and radiates optimism!

Favorite Holiday Movie/Song
Carrie: Christmas Vacation. It still makes me laugh after all these years. Morgan: Hands down, my favorite holiday movie is Love Actually. I don't feel like the season is complete until my husband and I have watched it!

Molly Bingaman
Ladybird Styling :

Ladybird specializes in transformational personal styling. Owned and operated by and for women, Ladybird teaches a unique method for finding and developing true personal style.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
For me it’s important to get quiet and reflect on what the holiday really means. I try not to get sucked into the rhythms of commerce and craziness, and instead find joy in what soothes me. Reading something deep and getting my spirit right are key. I also like to dress up my dog in her rotating wardrobe of Christmas sweaters, and spend plenty of time gazing at my sparkly Christmas tree.

Lauren Saks Merriman
The Nelle :

A “third space” in the Crossroad---a place between home and work where members can find inspiration in each other but also a space that enhances members’ lives as they relax, connect, disconnect, workout, socialize and self care. A space where arts and community are primary pillars through diverse membership and programming.

Favorite Holiday Tradition
Making holiday crafts with my littles. This year we are drying orange slices to make delicious smelling garlands and building GF gingerbread houses from Billie’s Groceries in collaboration with The Nelle of which proceeds go back to Nest’s Varanasi Project.

Caitlin Fore
Sophisticaited :

First launched to show women how to have fun with the clothes in their closet, then expanded to my wardrobe styling company C4 Styling, where I help entrepreneurs and brands showcase their style on social media. Through the pandemic mess, I launched my abstract artwork that is full of joy and feels like breathing. I hope we all can find something that makes us happy in these trying times.

Favorite Holiday Movie
Elf, I can't quit it. And it just makes me so happy.

Kelsey Walsh Perry
duoFIT :

duoFIT is a maternity activewear line. We have designed leggings, tops, tanks, and nursing sports bras to carry a person through pregnancy and beyond. And it's produced right here in KC.

Favorite Holiday Meal
I love a good steak and crispy green veggies...I know, it doesn't seem super festive but it makes me feel fancy. And don't get me wrong, I do love the traditional Thanksgiving meal, but I like to have it on Thanksgiving only and not have it for Christmas as well.

Abby Gerstner

Plainscoast is a boutique communications firm specializing in the lifestyle, fashion and fitness industries. We partner with each client to become an extension of their brand and develop compelling campaigns that amplify their message across editorial, social media, collaborations, influencer marketing and events to spread brand awareness, engage customers, earn attention and drive demand.

Favorite Holiday Meal
My fiance has brought the tradition of a crab boil to our Christmas eve meal, and I have fully embraced that as my new favorite meal of the holidays. This year, my family is spending the holidays in Charleston, SC, so it seems extra fitting.

Amina Hood
Amina Hood :

A modern milliner that is known for her custom designs and creating the perfect hat for her clients and their life adventures. Her designs have been featured in Vogue, L"Officiel and have been on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
Sleep is my big beauty secret, and not saying yes to everything (not hard this year for that one).

Abby Lerner
Revel Digital Collective :

A digital strategy and content marketing agency for brands dedicated to improving people’s lives. Founded by a trio of award-winning magazine editors, Revel helps businesses—from early-stage startups to well-established brands—set and execute their editorial vision to connect with customers in a meaningful way. Learn more at!

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
For me, what happens during the rest of the year, not just the holidays, is most important. If I have a solid foundation of regular exercise (I love Fusion Fitness classes, even though they’re virtual these days!), eating mostly healthy, and getting quality sleep, it not only doesn’t feel like anything needs to change, but it also helps me enjoy the season without stressing about a few missed workouts or extra treats. I know I'll get back to my regular routine come January.