WOW Holiday Guide Issue 9

Posted by Gina Holmberg on 30th Dec 2020

WOW Holiday Guide Issue 9

I've had several conversations with people who are approaching the holidays differently this year, and a common desire was to only shop locally for holiday gifts. As a small business owner, this makes me warm and fuzzy. As a consumer, this motivated and inspired me to practice what I preach by extending Women owned Wednesdays to promote local small businesses owned by women! Every Wednesday will have multiple, women-owned businesses that you can learn about and support, and in the holiday spirit of giving we’ll have some epic giveaways for you!

Connie Suss
Bijin :

Considered the first “day spa” in Kansas City, Bijin offers a wide range of services from hair cuts/color/styling to hand and foot care, massage therapy to skin care. We strive to give our clients the very best experience when they come to bijin. We employ just under 100 team members and take pride in offering a full benefit package, which is unusual in our industry. My mission is to create a professional career opportunity while creating an environment of beauty, wellness, fashion and art. We have expanded four times since locating to PV in 1998 due to our growth from our advanced education stylist program and the sale of gift cards for spa packages.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
Every year, I try to take some time off so I can recharge, slow down and spend time with friends and family. Of course, this year is a bit different, and we aren’t doing our normal socializing— but it’s given us a chance to slow down, maybe pick up a book, watch a favorite Christmas movie and just enjoy the time at home. And maybe a cookie or seven.

LaToyia Mays
The Laya Center :

The Laya Center is a new age vedic spa that focuses on natural wellness by introducing the body to simulated nature effects in order to balance the body's internal elements. Each wellness treatment is infused with African inspired herbalism... creating Afrivedic Wellness.

Favorite Holiday Tradition
Our favorite Holiday tradition is Kujichagulia. It is the second day of Kwanzaa (December 27th) and also our Founder's birthday. Kujichagulia is all about Self Determination. As we light the second red candle that day, we reflect on what we can personally do for our community to determine our future as a whole.

Sarah Buchanan
Indulge :

Founded by the wellness curious Sarah Buchanan, Indulge is a fitness and wellness experience company built to encourage you to do the work to define your own balance. Fitness experiences that will make you sweat, feel strong, boost your confidence, and, most importantly, have a good time!

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
Moving my body! When everything else seems a little crazy, movement is where I turn in, energize, take care of me and get grounded.

Kayla Albright
Opal and Orchid :

A hair salon located in the East Crossroads focusing on low and non-toxic haircare. At Opal & Orchid, we believe your experience at the salon should make you feel better on the inside and out. Surrounded by plants and sunlight, your salon experience will be a fresh one.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
During the holidays I stay well by giving myself lots of time to slow down. Cooking with the best ingredients over the holidays makes me happy and keeps us well too!

Ashley Sediqzad
Embrace Wellness :

I am a Registered Nurse and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach that helps people heal their gut and optimize their health through functional nutrition, environmental toxin reduction and lifestyle support. I offer digital courses + programs and 1:1 coaching.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
During the holidays my number one strategy for staying well is prioritizing sleep, both quality and quantity!

Laura Moore
Moore Stitching :

Moore Stitching designs needlepoint canvases and provides them to the market at a very affordable price. Hoping to make an extremely expensive hobby or passion more accessible and easier to gift to others.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
It is hard to do these days, but our family laughs a lot. We are fortunate to have good senses of humor and we are all our best audience!

Heidi Heathcock
Wax and Honey :

A brow and skincare studio. Take a moment to lay back and relax, close your eyes, and have your brows waxed and styled to your face shape. Your session will end with a warm and gentle eyebrow massage.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
I love being in nature and hiking with my husband. I also drink lots of herbal tea and fuel my body with fresh juice from Zen Donkey Farms (all year round!).

Teri Williams
Golden Salon :

Golden is a small, two person salon in East Lawrence opened almost three years ago.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
I stay healthy by making sure I get lots of rest. Moving my body and drinking lots of water.

Kristen Asher
Sway Salon :

Modern with a retro nod, Sway Salon is a breath of fresh air! We're happy, fun and fresh, and our hope is that's exactly how you feel when you leave.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
I stay well through the holidays with lots of cuddles from my babies, laughter, pilates and vitamins!

Clarissa Knighten
Rissa’s Artistic Design :

Rissa's Artistic Design is a haven for those that enjoy art / wearable art. R.A.D jewelry encourages conversations to come to the wearer / owner. Thus, building more self esteem and awareness. When it comes to the artistic flare, all materials are potential candidates for designs.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
During the holidays, even prior to COVID I've practiced focusing on my mental health. "Stay focused on what I can do and let everything else go."

Alexia Culton
Esthetician :

I am an esthetician and I feel like my second home is the treatment room. I love giving facials! I was trained to work mostly with my hands and products vs. machinery. Over the years I have begun to find the balance of both. I believe whatever the approach, sometimes just the feeling of being cared for can be more impactful than anything.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
Water and wine and naps!

Stephanie Doering
Personal Best Pilates :

A studio dedicated to promoting health and well-being exclusively utilizing the Pilates Method of Exercise. We are a fully equipped studio featuring Mat, Reformer Pilates, along with Cadillacs, Chairs, and other Pilates Equipment. We are passionate about teaching you the art of Pilates and how it can strengthen your body, mind, and spirit.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
I always try to keep moving in some way throughout the Holidays to keep my mind and body connected. Getting together with family is my favorite part of the Holidays, but since this year is a bit different, we will definitely be zooming in with Family to celebrate!

Natalia Stamm
barre3 :

Barre3 is a full-body balanced workout that combines strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness to help you feel balanced in body and empowered from within.

Favorite Holiday Wellness Routine
The holidays are all about taking a break and being with family so that I'm able to reset.